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People Acuity is recognized as a thought leader for our original ideas and winning strategies. We write books, reports, and we are often asked to speak at public events.

We are making many of the materials we have developed over the years available free of charge, hoping that you find them thought-provoking and beneficial for your organization. Feel free to read, download and share.

“The concepts taught by People Acuity are life-changing! Understanding a model based on Interdependence establishes a positive focus and translates into a huge differentiator. The ‘ah-ha’ moments are measurable on the Richter scale!”

Lucy Kelley, Learning and Development Strategy, Walmart Corporate
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Are You A Difference-Maker In This New Human Economy, Or Are You Being Left Behind?

The Human Economy is here!! Check out this video/blog to discover how this is more crucial to your life and your future, not to mention that of your organization, than you may have considered. You can make your world profoundly different if you can see and adjust to the new economy. You can also be ahead of the curve if you want to - or wait, and then pedal like crazy to catch up to the competition in a few years.


No one likes paying taxes to the government. They always seem to be too high. Yet, you may be experiencing a version of “Tax Day” every day and the tax rate is 36%! It’s not a tax you see deducted from your paycheck, but it does take a huge chunk out of your mental, financial, and physical resources. It also kills your performance and energy, and it sucks the life right out of your relationships. The worst part about it? You are bringing it upon yourself!


When blame is high there are some telling patterns that you may (or may not) be aware of, including three sure-fire signs that will leave you running for the nearest exit sign, hoping for a better job, if they are present. Read this informative, data-backed blog about how to tell if you are working in a high blame environment and its impact.

Working Toward Team Synergy

You’ve probably witnessed how a collaborative group outperforms one that isn’t collaborative.  How a sports team magically wins when they are attuned to every player versus one that is not.  A synergistic team is a group of people whose differences come together in such a way as to create something remarkable together that they could not have done alone. Putting the right people together transcends any talent deficiencies creating joy and winning projects. What is [...]

Which is More Important: Passion or Purpose?

If you have ever wondered if passion is more important than purpose (or vice versa), there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in the way they impact you - at least at work. Here is an excerpt from Stanford’s Dan and Chip Heath’s new book, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Moments have an Extraordinary Impact that contains breakthrough new research about the relationship between passion, purpose and performance. Ready for it? University of California Berkeley Professor Morten Hansen [...]

Revolutionizing Engagement: The Case for Measuring Work Joy

If you’ve grown weary of all the employee engagement rhetoric and the pressure to measure and move the needle there, join the ranks!  This topic has been hot for a long time, yet with very little to show for it – except frustrated employees who hate annual surveys, and who stopped being honest a long time ago about it.  Maybe it’s time for a change! Most employees don’t give a rip about employee engagement, even [...]

Breaking the Lens of Perception: the Interdependent Mindset

Is it possible that what the world teaches as weakness is in fact our greatest virtue?  What if this same supposed “weakness” is not just our greatest virtue, but also a greatest source of strength?  One brilliant videographer postulated these ideas, and I’m curious what you think.  Watch this brief clip, and share your opinion about it in the comments below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF1dvq3Qu2Y&feature=player_embedded For the record, here’s an opinion for you to consider. Human beings crave [...]

Seven Ways to Improve Team Communications Today

Imagine becoming so frustrated you put both hands up in a gesture of surrender and say, “I’m done!” You can probably relate to that moment of utter frustration, as you’ve no doubt experienced this.  Communication is a part of building and navigating healthy, robust relationships and it’s a life skill you must hone if you want to have harmonious, engaging and productive interactions.  This is especially true of teams who, for the most part, come [...]

Transforming Competing Relationships into Complementary Ones

Take a moment and get a crystal-clear picture in your mind of a relationship with someone you don’t get along with. What’s it like? How does it feel? Think of the tug and pull you experience, and its impact on you to be part of that energy-sucking, life-draining interaction. Think of the blaming, the criticism, the defensiveness and ignoring that happens, sprinkled occasionally with sarcasm or even subtle putdowns that really kill the relationship and [...]

5 Signs That Your Team Has the Difference-Making Factor

You crave it, maybe even without knowing it!  It can feel like a burn inside of you, woven into the very fibers of your DNA.  Its presence is utterly transformational, both to the teams you’re in and the results you create.  And without it, you may feel alone, de-energized, and find that your motivation to be at your very best suffers.  What is that almost-magical difference-maker? If you live in North America, you see a [...]

When Performance Falls Flat: The Surprise Missing Ingredient

Increased performance! Improved performance! Better performance! Faster, better, bigger, best.  If you’re like most people, that’s what you want for the performance of everything from your car’s engine to your employees at work. For good reason, particularly inside your organization. Especially given that increased performance directly affects corporate bottom lines, innovation, and opportunities. This awareness has led organizations for decades to focus on measuring and improving performance, even though this attention on measurement has not [...]

5 Signs You Manage a World-Class Interdependent Team

Interdependence may be the truest hallmark of interpersonally competent people, and the most distinguishing characteristic of high-performing teams.  In fact, you can guarantee that any business consistently performing at the top of their game is made up of world-class interdependent teams.[1] This begs a question:  Is your team among the power-house teams that are setting the world on fire?  Just in case you really wanted to know the answer, here are five sure-fire signs that [...]

3 Things Leading-Edge Leaders See Differently

Think of the best leader you know, a person who really knows how to intelligently influence others to be more effective, and to move toward meaningful purposes and goals.  Who would you choose, and what makes them a leading-edge leader? Here are a few things I’d bet that your chosen influential leader is not. I bet you did not identify someone who operates like a general on a hill.  You know, the kind of person [...]

Engaged Staff, Satisfied Customers, Financial Growth: That’s the bottom-line for People Acuity/Strengths Strategy and now for C&M Ford

In our most recent Engagement blogs, we’ve outlined the challenge and opportunity to improve engagement of employees within organizations. We’ve highlighted the common organizational engagement solutions and their limited success. We’ve also outlined the People Acuity approach, how it differs from traditional approaches and the results it generates. Let us now share a case in point. This is an example of an organization that took the principles of People Acuity, applied them to their company, [...]

Engagement – Isn’t It Time to Lift Our Sights a Little Higher?

Study after study shows that engagement in life and work benefits you, your team and your organization. Yet, the engagement problem remains, the sorry result of too many organizations wanting their employees to be engaged, but not finding success through programs, leadership, and initiatives. One reason it may remain near the top of the list every year is that organizations and leaders may be focused on the wrong solution and often, mis-diagnose the root of [...]

What is the English equivalent of Arbejdsglaede?

U.S. workers don’t love work and struggle to love life. And it shows. 70% of U.S. Workers are not engaged at work and of those, 18% are actively disengaged, meaning they are “emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.” (1) As we have all heard and probably seen, employee engagement affects employee turnover, absenteeism, productivity, customer loyalty and more. This is why employee engagement has been part of the business conversation [...]

The One Little Thing that Gives You the Biggest Competitive Advantage

Your biggest competitive advantage is a little thing, one you may overlook way too often. It can destroy your business. Or, it can elevate it to heights that may astound you. Nick Greer, a self-made millionaire and highly successful entrepreneur, shared the secret with a group gathered in Prague to hear his keynote at last year’s global entrepreneurism conference. When it was time for him to deliver his one-two punch, his “don’t-forget-this” statement, he offered [...]

Engagement – It’s Not Impossible, If You Look in the Right Direction

Engagement vies for the top spot each year amongst leaders’ worries and concerns. And, for good reason! In spite of twenty-plus years of research, and millions of dollars of too-often-failed solutions, employee engagement remains the elusive problem to fix, nut to crack, and silver bullet to find. While some organizations have made improvements, overall engagement remains frightening low, even though there has been a concerted focus on this troubling challenge for the past two decades. [...]

A Sure-Fire Way to Achieve Million-Dollar Outcomes (in Work and Life)

Imagine you are in this situation: your wise, wealthy father is nearing the end of his life, and he wants to make sure he has passed on his most important legacy to you.  He calls you to his bedside, and as you visit together about life, and what you’ve experienced together, he lets you know that he wants to include you in his inheritance. But, you have a choice about what you will receive, he [...]

Are You on the ‘Edge’ of the Cutting Edge? What is the Opportunity Cost of Not Being There?

Did you know that today, you experience as much information in ten days as a person did in their entire lifetime just a century ago?  You might also be curious to know that in this era, a college degree becomes obsolete in about three years, unless you continually challenge yourself to forge into the frontier of the unknown.  Our world is changing at the speed of light, and new ideas are emerging so quickly that [...]

When Your Dream Takes an Unexpected Turn

Imagine this: you are on fire with a dream!  It keeps you up at night.  You are excited, on a mission, and you have over 12,000 people around the world joining your rallying cry.  You’re alive with it, and the burn inside you fills every single day with high energy, enthusiasm, and the highest productivity and performance you’ve ever had in your entire lifetime.  Not to mention, that you are surrounded by the most brilliant [...]

A Little-Known Secret to Creating High Performing Teams (or Relationships)

You may not realize this, but every relationship or team you are part of is in the process of an evolution. Sometimes, you get stuck in the process, and can’t quite see how to get to meaningful connection with others in a way that simply leads to a high energy and high performance experience. But what if the answer is more simple than you know? The truth is that it is quite simple.  In fact, it [...]

The Gift You Unknowingly Give Every Day

There is a wave quietly sweeping the globe. It steadily grows in stark contrast to the sorrows being created right now in Syria, the atrocities this past year of Belgium and France, and the self-preoccupied focus that permeates so many homes, governments, and businesses around the world. You may be part of this wave without even knowing it, or even realizing the importance of your adding to it every single day. You may be a meaning-maker, [...]

3 Keys to Finding Optimal Fit in Your Relationships and Work

If you are like most people, at one time or another you have likely asked questions like, “Where do I fit?” or,” How do I create ‘fit’ with my spouse, or with a boss who is so different from me?”  You may have encountered the frustration of not knowing how to connect in meaningful ways with those who are important to you, or additionally, to feel like your work “fits” you.  If this has been, or is now [...]

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