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Thought Leadership Provided for You

People Acuity is recognized as a thought leader for our original ideas and winning strategies. We write books, reports, and we are often asked to speak at public events.

We are making many of the materials we have developed over the years available free of charge, hoping that you find them thought-provoking and beneficial for your organization. Feel free to read, download and share.

“The concepts taught by People Acuity are life-changing! Understanding a model based on Interdependence establishes a positive focus and translates into a huge differentiator. The ‘ah-ha’ moments are measurable on the Richter scale!”
Lucy Kelley, Learning and Development Strategy, Walmart Corporate
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New Leadership Approach for a New World

At a time when more than ever before businesses are running lean and trying to survive, leaders can’t afford to not focus their attention on those things that produce the highest return-on-investment of time, energy, and resources. This report is designed to help you do just that. Its purpose is to synthesize important research that reveals a major factor that is undermining the energy and performance of more than 83% of all employees and leaders today.

Getting Through Dark Times Using Past Success Patterns

Getting Through Dark Times Using Past Success Patterns by DeAnna Murphy, Lisa Gregory, and Steve Jeffs The future – especially right now – looks mostly uncertain and dark.  Given that uncertainty is a universal negativity trigger, having a strategy for navigating it is not just nice, but critical to surviving the stress of these times.  If you’re looking for one, you don’t have to search any farther than the success patterns [...]

A Leader’s Guide to Igniting Accountability

A Leader’s Guide to Igniting Accountability When you consider accountability in the midst of all your pressing leadership priorities, you may find yourself asking: How can I focus on accountability when people in my organization are navigating the highest stress levels ever recorded, including overwhelming personal battles? How can I consider accountability when I am struggling to keep my business alive and recover from the economic downturn Luckily, you are not the [...]

A Surprising Secret to Turning COVID-19 into a Disruptive Innovation Catalyst

Hailed as the most influential business idea of the 21st century, Disruptive Innovation can create new market opportunities for you and eventually displace your market-leading competitors.  It has, in so many ways, become the Holy Grail for many companies and almost mandatory to survive in today’s economy.  If you’re like most people, you likely wouldn’t consider the coronavirus a positive catalyst in any way related to business, let alone as a catalyst of Disruptive Innovation.  [...]

Military Secrets About Igniting Millennial Engagement

Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workplace today – and if you’re like most people, your experience tells you that this is not new news.  After all, ninety-one percent of Millennials don’t expect to be in their same job in three years, and 67% of them are looking for work right now.  You might even find this to be anxiety-producing when you consider that 75% of your workforce will soon be made up [...]

Innovation Will Implode Unless One Thing Happens

When you think of innovation what comes to mind? Artificial Intelligence? Machine Learning? Flying Cars? Space Flights to Mars? 5G? What about leadership?  Where does that fall on your list?   I’m guessing that if you are like most people, leadership probably doesn’t land on your list at all. After all, most people think of technology or business when discussing innovation, and yet, there is plenty of evidence that leadership desperately needs innovation.  If you [...]

Is Vulnerability the New Confidence?

To be more authentically confident, what you really need is to be more authentically vulnerable. You might think that sounds crazy, but it really works!  Here’s how. If you are like most people, you want to be more confident.  There are many ways to be more confident, but there’s one you’ve likely not considered: choose authentic vulnerability and multiply it with whatever confidence you have.  When you create synergy between these amazing opposing forces you [...]

Warning! Your Company Culture Can Destroy Your Business (Unless You Understand One Thing)

Today’s “Quit Rate” – the rate at which employees up and leave their jobs – is at an all-time high.  In fact, according to Gallup, it’s at the highest it’s been in fifteen years, and the number has been unchanged for the past eleven months.  This makes it the longest flat-line period since the government began recording this statistic nearly two decades ago.  “What’s the biggest reason people leave?” you ask.  If you answered, “company [...]

Leadership is Broken

In a recent study by People Acuity, 83% of respondents described their organisations as having moderately or highly toxic cultures. More than this, a full 50% rated their organisations at the highest level of toxicity possible: 10 on a 10-point scale! When moderate or high toxicity was present, proactivity, engagement, and connection were shown to be virtually non-existent. What does this say about leadership? Its broken, but fixable...

The Best Kept Leadership Secret of Our Day

Leaders who fail to master this balancing act between task and relationship are doomed to repeat the destructive patterns that permeate many businesses today across the globe. This includes things like high toxicity and blame and the kind of perpetual disengagement that destroy businesses, spills over into families, and drastically hurts our economy. Learning to effectively balance task and relationship has become an urgent necessity in order to win the hearts and minds of people and succeed in this new economy.

Learn the basics of Strengths through this online mini-course, You Need Strengths Strategies® For Optimal Living

This 15-minute PA online Mini-course will teach you that the key to optimal performance and living is the effective use of Strengths Strategies™. You'll learn: The components of the Energy and Performance Model The common feelings, behaviors and results of the Optimal Zone™ and Depletion Zone™ Why we move to or from the Optimal Zone™ The definition and purpose of Strengths Strategies® And, Coach Kelly will help you implement your Growth Zone Challenge to get [...]


The strangest thing happened in a recent project meeting with an important client we’ve been creating organizational culture change with. It seemed like the same meeting we always had with our clients. Yet, it ended completely differently than I ever remember in all my twenty-five years as an organizational psychologist and consultant…and it was several days later before I began to realize the significance of what had happened.

Are You A Difference-Maker In This New Human Economy, Or Are You Being Left Behind?

The Human Economy is here!! Check out this video/blog to discover how this is more crucial to your life and your future, not to mention that of your organization, than you may have considered. You can make your world profoundly different if you can see and adjust to the new economy. You can also be ahead of the curve if you want to - or wait, and then pedal like crazy to catch up to the competition in a few years.


No one likes paying taxes to the government. They always seem to be too high. Yet, you may be experiencing a version of “Tax Day” every day and the tax rate is 36%! It’s not a tax you see deducted from your paycheck, but it does take a huge chunk out of your mental, financial, and physical resources. It also kills your performance and energy, and it sucks the life right out of your relationships. The worst part about it? You are bringing it upon yourself!

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