If you’ve grown weary of all the employee engagement rhetoric and the pressure to measure and move the needle there, join the ranks!  This topic has been hot for a long time, yet with very little to show for it – except frustrated employees who hate annual surveys, and who stopped being honest a long time ago about it.  Maybe it’s time for a change!

Most employees don’t give a rip about employee engagement, even though it is so critical to the success of their teams and organizations.  You know what they do care about, though?  Their own Work Joy.  After all, who doesn’t want to experience joyful fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and belonging at work?  Now, that is something worth measuring and working toward!  Especially given that Work Joy is statistically significantly correlated (at the 0.01 level) with measures like Engagement, Connection, Trust, and Productivity.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to measure growth toward outcomes that really matter, and which employees can get excited about, you might be interested in joining the People Acuity thought leader team as they unveil their brand-new assessment tool in a webinar on February 1.  It measures Work Joy, Team Connection, Confident Vulnerability, and Proactivity, and designed for the front-line employee to get behind – not for his/her boss!  It has been created to ignite employees to be excited about shifting up their own outcomes and relationships, and to take responsibility for them in ways that are good for them (and for their boss and team!).

If you attend you will:

  • Discover how shifting your measurement focus can dramatically impact behavior and outcomes
  • Identify an under-utilized lever to igniting energy and performance in yourself and others
  • Learn a 4-step process to growing Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity, and Confident Vulnerability in yourself and others
  • Receive a discount code to experience People Acuity’s newest assessment (to be given at the webinar).

Join us for these and other exciting outcomes on February 1, at 7 a.m. CST, or 11 a.m. CST – register here: http://peopleacuity.wpengine.com/events/.

NOTE: this was written by DeAnna Murphy, Lisa Gregory, and Steve Jeffs, the People Acuity thought leader team.

DeAnna Murphy, a 23-year organizational development veteran and CEO of People Acuity, has led the 7-year research process with the People Acuity Analytics team.  It has involved over 10,000 individuals around the globe participating in original qualitative and quantitative research, exploration of over 1,000 academic and practitioner articles, top-rated marketing reports, and analysis of 200 of the best-selling books in leadership, self-help, business, and psychology.  People Acuity, an affiliate of Strengths Strategy, is in 31 countries, and includes over 300 practitioners across the globe.

Lisa Gregory is a thought leader and Manager of Product Development and Delivery at People Acuity. With 17 years of business experience as a trainer, coach, advisor, entrepreneur and corporate leader, Lisa has extensive experience in learning and development, at both strategic and implementation levels. She has worked with leaders in 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies and has broad and deep knowledge of the challenges facing top executives, employees, and managers as they strive to bring their best to an organization and to their own lives.

Steve Jeffs is the Chief Scientist, Senior Faculty and is co-leading the international expansion of People Acuity. Integral to the People Acuity Analytics team, Steve recently presented the validation of our Foundations of Interdependent Teams Scale at the World Congress of Positive Psychology. He is a registered Psychologist, multi-award winning Executive Coach, energetic facilitator and scientist. Fascinated by interdependence and synergy, Steve is completing his Doctorate in this field, and applies this learning, consulting with organizations and in Executive Coaching with Senior Organizational Leaders around the world. Steve lives in Dubai, UAE, and operates globally.