Did you know that today, you experience as much information in ten days as a person did in their entire lifetime just a century ago?  You might also be curious to know that in this era, a college degree becomes obsolete in about three years, unless you continually challenge yourself to forge into the frontier of the unknown.  Our world is changing at the speed of light, and new ideas are emerging so quickly that it is easy to be left behind, and miss important, revolutionary new insights.

If you like being on the ‘edge’ of the cutting edge, you may be excited about a ground-breaking new ideology that strikes at the root of the top seven most common pain points expressed across the globe.  See if any of them are familiar to your life experience: leadership (of self or others), enthusiastic engagement (at your job or in life), or teamwork/relationship dysfunction, often resulting from diversity or irreconcilable differences, and leaving a wake of energy-sucking experiences.  Or maybe for you it is that you feel overwhelmed with juggling so many priorities that your productivity and performance starts to wane, and your energy and well-being feel like they are in the toilet.  These challenges can be just as true in your personal/family life, as well as at work, and can be difficult to find sustainable solutions to.

Two hundred of the top thought leaders in the world, along with the academic research of over 1,000 of the brightest and best researchers have influenced a brand-new solution that goes beyond offering the routine, been-there-done-that strategies that are too often not moving the needle in desired ways.  The solution comes to the common core root of these challenges, something so simple you might have missed it.

If you put each of these problems next to each other, and used Sakichi Toyoda’s “5 Whys” strategy, and keep asking, “Why is this happening?”, and “Why? Why?  Why?”  Eventually, you would come back to the surprising reality that every one of these things comes down to how well you and others around you, “clearly see, and effectively optimize the value, capability, and positive untapped potential in self and others.”  This root cause of the seven pain points is simply about people, seeing people with clarity, including knowing how to effectively leverage what’s there – and, how the absence of this begins to negatively shape all tasks, relationships, and results.

In fact, the italicized statement you just read is the definition of a new idea emerging from this research, an idea known as People Acuity™.  Acuity means “seeing with clarity, keenness, and accuracy,” and when added to “people”, this ability allows for unseen, and previously unavailable resources to become available.  And, for old problems to be solved in new ways!

The emerging science of People Acuity stands on the shoulders of giants like Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey, Don Clifton, Marcus Buckingham, Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Kouzes, Simon Sinek, Marianne Williamson, and so many other great minds, both in the practitioner and academic space.  It applies to your family and personal life, and can dramatically revolutionize results and relationships at work as well.

To ensure that you stay on the ‘edge” of the cutting edge, you may want a free taste of this new idea that could be transformative in your life, and others you care about.  Depending on how you like to learn, here are three ways to begin to explore it:

Additionally, stay tuned for the announcement of upcoming webinars, where you can ask questions, and explore this a little further in the context of what really matters to you!


NOTE: this article was written by DeAnna Murphy, Lisa Gregory, and Steve Jeffs, the People Acuity thought leader team.

DeAnna Murphy, a 23-year organizational development veteran and CEO of People Acuity, has led the 7-year research process with the People Acuity Analytics team.  It has involved over 10,000 individuals around the globe participating in original qualitative and quantitative research, exploration of over 1,000 academic and practitioner articles, top-rated marketing reports, and analysis of 200 of the best-selling books in leadership, self-help, business, and psychology.  People Acuity, an affiliate of Strengths Strategy, is in 31 countries, and includes over 300 practitioners across the globe.

Lisa Gregory is a thought leader and Manager of Product Development and Delivery at People Acuity. With 17 years of business experience as a trainer, coach, advisor, entrepreneur and corporate leader, Lisa has extensive experience in learning and development, at both strategic and implementation levels. She has worked with leaders in 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies and has broad and deep knowledge of the challenges facing top executives, employees, and managers as they strive to bring their best to an organization and to their own lives.

Steve Jeffs is the Chief Scientist, Senior Faculty and is co-leading the international expansion of People Acuity. Integral to the People Acuity Analytics team, Steve recently presented the validation of our Foundations of Interdependent Teams Scale at the World Congress of Positive Psychology. He is a registered Psychologist, multi-award winning Executive Coach, energetic facilitator and scientist. Fascinated by interdependence and synergy, Steve is completing his Doctorate in this field, and applies this learning, consulting with organizations and in Executive Coaching with Senior Organizational Leaders around the world. Steve lives in Dubai, UAE, and operates globally.