About Us

People Acuity has been delivering “power skills” programs for 12+ years. Its clients in over 60 countries have achieved measurable improvements in their leadership skills, organization culture, team performance, and change agility. Its programs are available online (on-demand), live/virtual, or live/in-person and are supported by the insights of the StrengthsMultiplier™ – the company’s proprietary strengths assessment tool. People Acuity also provides world class executive and team coaching services.
People Acuity is now the branded “power skills” solution of the Thrivin corporation, which exists to provide career pathing opportunities for job-seekers, career-growers, and employers. People Acuity programs support Thrivin career-seekers to gain the needed “power skills” (soft skills) that complement job-specific hard skills. People Acuity solutions also support Thrivin-supported employers with upskilling options for both leaders and employees.
Thrivin knows that companies care about their bottom line. Bottom line success is tied to, and conditioned upon, the skills and performance of people at all levels of the organization. Together, we are committed to providing companies with qualified individuals who have both the right hard skills and “power skills” needed to thrive in today’s complex and constantly evolving marketplace.