People Acuity is a leadership development consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge and research-based leadership development in thirty-two countries. We lift business performance by empowering leaders with crucial skills for this new economy. Our programs are customizable and supported by proprietary assessment tools. We provide measurable behavior changes, and we offer a multi-modality learning approach including: on-demand online programs, virtual guided classroom programs, and in-person programs supported by seasoned professional coaches.

Building on the strengths of your organizations and the skills of its people, we coach and foster new habits that result in lasting measurable improvements. We work closely with leaders and workers to bring everyone to the table for success. We make our services available via live workshops, virtual sessions, online courses, and ongoing coaching.

As a global leadership development consulting firm, we empower leaders with critical game-changing skills needed today, like:

  • Proactive Accountability
  • Coach-like Engagement
  • Interdependent Collaboration
  • Transformative Innovation

Our clients around the world include medium to large businesses, and we work directly with corporate executives, HR professionals, and entire staffs. We have a successful track record in many industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance, retails, technology, and many more.

Today’s business climate requires new skills and updated communication practices. All organizations encounter self-destructive coping mechanisms and worries about money, health, businesses survival, employment, etc. We no longer can manage by counting on leaders believing they have to have all the answers. We must operate in an environment with leaders who are proficient in promoting expectations for accountability and responsibility to deliver lasting and quantifiable improvements.

By relying on research and years of organizational development experience, People Acuity has developed a systematic set of offerings and tools that build on your strengths, involve the entire organization, and deliver sustainable benefits with results that can be measured. Working with People Acuity is a unique experience – We are not like any other consulting firm you have ever worked with before. We replace the old one-and-done workshop methodology with digestible, bite-sized learning where participants practice skills through peer-coaching and focused weekly commitments. We are fun to work with, our methodology is experiential, and our clients find the training to be very engaging.

People Acuity will bring a transformative change to your organization and will equip you with actionable means. Our training is sophisticated, yet approachable and highly customizable, and will make improvements in organizational leadership that result in benefits to the corporate bottom line.

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Our Guarantee

People Acuity stands behind their offerings with a guarantee. Companies that follow the agreed upon, data-driven path to Interdependent Leadership and the application of People Acuity principles qualify for a money back guarantee if they do not see leadership changes within a defined time period.