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Winning in the Human Economy requires a corporate culture that captures the human heart and mind at work. The key to a winning culture is the mindsets, language and practices of People Acuity.

Coaches & Facilitators

Exceptional coaches and facilitators are needed in organizations to help people learn how to thrive in the Human Economy. Shift Up with People Acuity.

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Organizations & Leaders

4 in 10 companies will not survive the Human Economy because their business objectives and company culture are misaligned. Click here to learn how to thrive in the new economy.

People Acuity for Organizations & Leaders

Speaking & Keynotes

You can’t make people engage in this new economy – they must volunteer their own hearts and minds. Explore top-rated topics and speakers to energize your people and ignite a Shift Up!

Conference Keynotes

Join an Upcoming People Acuity Course, Workshop or Event

Learn the basics of Strengths through this online mini-course, You Need Strengths Strategies® For Optimal Living

This 15-minute People Acuity online mini-course includes: • The components of the Energy and Performance Model • The common feelings, behaviors and results of the Optimal Zone™ and Depletion Zone™ • Why we move to or from the Optimal Zone™ • The definition and purpose of Strengths Strategies® You will also be given access to Coach Kelly for personalized feedback on your growth plan.

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A Monthly Shift Up Inspire Webinar hosted by our People Acuity Business Development Community

We invite you to join our free Monthly Shift Up Inspire Webinar where a diverse group of thought leaders from around the globe will come together to share new ideas to help expand our potential individually and collectively. This webinar is especially helpful to leaders and coaches who are seeking to influence others. You’ll come away from each webinar energized, inspired and ready to apply what we have learned together.

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Six Company Culture Secrets Every Leader Should Know

Creating a Culture Excellence Strategy That Drives Business Results

Today’s organizations face challenges that didn’t exist a decade ago.  The volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world of today’s business makes culture more important than ever before.  If your company culture is left to chance, it drifts into misalignment from business strategy – which makes it increasingly likely that you are one of the four in ten organizations predicted by J.P. Morgan to fail in the next decade.

Download this People Acuity report outlining the keys to evolving your company culture and remain competitive in today’s marketplace for talent and clients. Based on current global analytics, this report is key to you understanding what is needed in the arena of corporate culture today and how you as a leader can be affected and effective.

The ability to accurately see and effectively optimize the value, capabilities, and potential of people may be the most important skill of the 21st century, since it impacts every other thing.

Steve Jeffs, DBA MCC

What is People Acuity?

Why is it important? How would it help me and others? How do I measure it?

Given that all problems are ultimately people problems, seeing yourself and others with keenness or “acuity” is critical. People Acuity is the one thing that Shifts Up everything. When people see their own value and trust in their capability and potential, they are open to others and more able to combine their contribution with others. More options become available, more problems are solved, and performance and energy soar.

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What is People Acuity?
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