People Acuity programs are the world leader in equipping today’s workforce
with POWER SKILLS for business success!

In today’s hyper-competitive talent marketplace, desired essential skills are shifting.  Hard skills are increasingly easy to obtain, yet quickly outdated. Whereas core skills – soft skills – are increasingly recognized as the hard to master skills that power business success. Soft skills are the new “power skills” that are critical for success in any profession.

Dedicated to Your Success

People Acuity has been delivering “power skills” development programs for 12+ years, in 60 countries to date. These programs feature proprietary assessment tools that accelerate the application of strengths to increase energy and performance.

People Acuity delivers lasting behavior change through a multi-modality learning approach with on-demand online programs, virtual guided classroom programs, and in-person programs – supported by seasoned professional coaches.

People Acuity solutions will transform your workplace by equipping your people with the new “power skills” required in this evolving economy.


“In my 36 years of leadership I have never seen a more comprehensive and effective development experience than we had with People Acuity. We posted the highest numbers we’ve had in ten years at the end of our first year of working with People Acuity.”

Robert J. Hager, CEO, Border State Bank